Máquina de fabricación de bolsas 3D no tejidas máquina de bolsa no tejida

Descripción del producto:
This machine adopts mechanical, optical, electrical and pneumatic integration technology, suitable for feeding the roll material of non-woven fabric and laminated non-woven fabric. It's specialized equipment for making the primary shaping non-woven(laminated) three-dimensional bag.
This equipment features stable production, strong and decent sealing of bags, good looking, top grade,fancy and reusable, mainly applied in the field of non-woven wine packing, beverage packing, gift bags, and hotel promotional bags, etc.

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Detalles rápidos
máquina de bolsas no tejidas
Tipo de máquina: Máquina formadora de bolsas
Bag Type:three-dimensional bag
Material:Non Woven Bag
Lugar del origen:Zhejiang, China
Nombre de la marca: XIANGHAI
Model Number:XH-A8
Voltage:380v3P 50/60HZ
Dimension(L*W*H):About (L)5.3m*(W)7.8m*(H)2.5m
Weight:About 11500 KG
Garantía: 1 año
Key Selling Points:Automatic
Tipo de marketing: Producto ordinario
Informe de prueba de maquinaria:Proporcionado
Video saliente-inspección:Proporcionado
Garantía de los componentes principales: 1 año
Max Speed:60pcs/min
Total power:Average 15-20kw
Power Supply:380v3p 50/60HZ
Applicable material:Non woven(laminating)
Instant max power:60kw
Normal production speed:40-60pcs/min
Bag-making height:200-450mm
Bag-making front width:200-500mm
Bag-making side width:70-200mm

Características principales:
1.This machine adopts Taiwan PLC touch screen, which can be edited.
2.Auto counting and stopping when setting numbers freely;
3.High voltage static processor and auto constant temperature heating controller;
4. Equipped with the main machine servo motor , stepping motor(computer fixed length), manual unwinding magnetic powder tension controller and auto rectifying deviation, photoelectric tracking, printing color mark track orientation, auto counting and alarming, auto punching, etc., which make it accurate and stable.
5. All aspect of the bags adopts thermal bonding by ultrasonic weldings, such as bag edge folding, side sealing, etc. which makes the machine fast and easy to operate, the products firm sealing, beautiful and decent.

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