Alta productividad pegamento termofusible dhl courier express mail bag making machine

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Descripción de la máquina:
1. Suitable for
substrate: BOPP, PET, aluminum foil, nylon and other plastic composite film multi-layer co-extruding film, aluminum plating
composite film, paper plastic composite film, anti-static composite film.
2. Unwinding maximum size:(diameter × width) feeding ¢800X800mm
3.positioning accuracy:≤±0.5mm
4. Temperature setting range:0-300℃
5. Total power:10KW (the actual power is generally about 4KW when just powered on, and about 2KW when heat preservation)
6. Function making :
Courier bag、Side sealing bag 、DHLMail bag

High productivity hot melt glue side sealing dhl courier express mail bag making machine

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