Máquina de fabricación de bolsas de doble articulación

The computerized automatic garbage bag making machine uses plastic films such as LDPE HDPE as materials, and specializes in producing wear-through garbage or BOPP PP flat bags. It adopts computer control, electric eye tracking, automatic temperature control, automatic counting, automatic reporting; at the same time, it has the functions of folding, slitting, threading,punching, etc., which can be completed at one time, and the sealing edge is firm, standardized and beautiful. It can also produce special-needed continuous roll bag equipment.

Servicio posterior a la garantía: soporte técnico de video, soporte en línea, piezas de repuesto, mantenimiento en campo y servicio de reparación
Tipo de máquina: Máquina formadora de bolsas
Bag Type:Shopping Bag
Material: plástico
Computarizado: Sí
Lugar del origen:Zhejiang, China
Nombre de la marca: XIANGHAI
Model Number:XH-720DC
Weight:2900kg, 2900kg
Garantía: 1 año
Servicio postventa proporcionado: soporte en línea, soporte técnico de video, piezas de repuesto gratuitas, instalación en campo, puesta en marcha y capacitación, mantenimiento de campo y servicio de reparación
Key Selling Points:Long Service Life
Tipo de marketing: Producto ordinario
Informe de prueba de maquinaria:Proporcionado
Video saliente-inspección:Proporcionado
Garantía de los componentes principales: 1 año
Max Speed:100m/min*2
Total power:11kw
Average power:6kw
Film width:200-500mm
Bag length:300-1000mm
Max speed:100/min*2

Uses and Features:
This machine is producing rolling bag.Also can make star bag,garbage bag,vegetable bag and table bag.Fully automatic exchange system can reduce the labour force,in the excellent servo driven system,it is the best choice for producing printed bag and blank bag.Easy for operate.
1) Use 4 pcs servo motor driving,improve the speed and stability.
2) Long time but low temperature sealing way ensures the quality of the bag.
3) Perforation line always keeps a same distance from the sealing line to ensure there won't be any tensile force whenever in changing of difference length.
4) Principles of sealing system uses swing,do not stop feeding.
5) Newly design paper core automatic feeding,positing and auto exchange new rolling.
6) Can to make printed bags and blank bags.

1.Auto label adding device
2.Double sealing decive
3.Folding device
Voltaje 380v-3phase
Potencia total 11kw
Average power 6kw
Ancho de película 200-500mm
Bag length 300-1000mm
Max speed 100/min*2
Peso 2900kg
Material adecuado HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, OPP
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