Máquina de soplado de película monocapa plegable abierta HDPE LDPE

Aplicación del producto
single layer fully automatic film blowing machine.Customized,With unfold and winding function, the maximum winding width 2800mm.

(single layer fully automatic film blowing machine)
1) Estructura simple con dispositivo automático, fácil instalación y mantenimiento.
2) High output and stable running machine, maxoutput: 80kg/h.
3) use virgin material, the machine can make a thin film, the thickness: 0.006mm.
4) winding roller can handle a heavy film roller.   the max film roller can be 1100mm in diameter.
5) easy change film roller design, when the film roller full, just move the arm to change the airshaft.   and easy to cut.
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