Máquina de fabricación de bolsas de papel de fondo cuadrado

Features and characteristics:
    La máquina es adecuada para hacer bolsas de fondo cuadrado, que es ampliamente utilizada en compras, industria alimentaria, etc. Habiendo absorbido la tecnología avanzada tanto en el país como en el extranjero, desarrollamos con éxito el tipo de fondo cuadrado de la máquina de fabricación de bolsas de papel con papel de rollo o papel de rollo impreso.
This machine features a continuous function of automatic paper suction, gluing, creasing,bottom sticking and bag formation at a stroke.The machine has automatic force controlling machine and the function of color marking tracking. All the operation procedures are controlled by PLC,saving labor force.

Main parts

Auto loading, Servo motor, Photo eye tracking, EPC system, PLC touch screen

Glue applicator system, Auto fault detector and self diagnosis system

Structure features

1. Introduce PLC and In-touch screen human-machine interface centralized control system, with reliable performance, easy for operation and maintenance. English/Chinese language can be changed easily.

2. Shaft less hydraulic material loading system with chuck, hydraulic up/down system

3. Automatic constant tension control for unwinding, EPC web guider system, motor for material feeding with inverter

Wheel type gusset unit with motor driving.

4. Servo motors for main feeding and bag length control

Closed type automatic glue application and forming system

Paper impress, bottom folding, gluing and bag formation can be completed automatically.

5. Side lay working table, easy operation.

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